NCEP Introduction to Markets

Monday, October 26 from 3:30 to 4:30 PM Eastern


The National Council on Electricity Policy invites you to a webinar on the US electricity markets. This webinar will feature Joe Bowring, President of Monitoring Analytics with decades of experience monitoring the PJM Market. Mr. Bowring will discuss the perspectives of being a market monitor within the transmission operator and as an external monitor. Most of all, he will guide us through the various energy, capacity, and ancillary services markets in PJM. This webinar will be moderated by Commissioner Upendra Chivukula of the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities.

This webinar will lay a foundation of how wholesale markets work as the National Council on Electricity Policy prepares for our Annual Meeting and Workshop on Evolving Compensation and Market Mechanisms as part of its multi-year theme on the evolving Transmission & Distribution Interface.

Save the Date: December 7-9, 2020 – Registration will open soon for the NCEP Annual Meeting and Workshop (afternoons, Eastern time).


Annual Meeting & Workshop

Evolving Compensation and Market Mechanisms

December 7–9, 2020 (Virtual)

Agenda (Subject to Change)

 Meeting & Workshop Scope

In 2020, NCEP will explore the age-old utility question of “who pays?” with a new twist from grid modernization: “how?” The modern grid will allow for the exchange of more granular information on electricity use and supply across the distribution and transmission systems. State electricity policy decision-makers will explore:

  • What is a state’s role in maintaining a well-managed, efficient electricity system, now with rapidly changing requirements and many more participants?
  • How is value acknowledged and compensated among sellers, operators, and buyers? What risks are shared with customers?
  • How can modern cost-benefit analysis, valuation approaches, and cost recovery plans be used to compare and optimize between bulk power system solutions and distribution system solutions?
  • What capabilities exist and are needed for potential distribution-system level markets, and TSO & DSO coordination?

Session concepts include:

  • Operational considerations for distribution-level markets
  • Exploring optimization through benefit-cost analysis
  • A future with customer-level markets
  • Intersections of regional markets and state policies