2020 Annual Meeting

The summary and agenda (that contains the presentations and recordings) are available on the meeting landing page.


2019 Annual Meeting 

September 11-12, 2019 | Austin, TX

NCEP 2019 Annual Meeting Recap & Summary available online and downloadable.

September 11, 2019 presentations and recording

September 12, 2019 presentations and recording


2018 Annual Meeting

May 89, 2018 | Denver, CO

NCEP 2018 Meeting Summary and Presentations


Applying Valuation to Baseload: An Experts Roundtable

National Council on Electricity Policy Meeting

January 5, 2017 | Baltimore, MD

Participants explored how baseload power gets incorporated into what consumers pay, impacts of the changing generation fleet on valuation pricing, and how state officials can address this change. Participants identified tools and techniques that attribute value to baseload and develop recommendations and “asks” to research institutions, national laboratories and academia.

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NCEP Participation in the FERC Technical Conference

FERC Technical Conference

May 1, 2017 | Washington, DC

Short report on jurisdictional issues that includes meeting notes from the April 25-26, 2016, Blurred Lines meeting, a December 6, 2016 meeting held in DC on the topic, and NCEP written comments to the FERC Technical Conference on State Policies and Wholesale Markets.


Joint Webinars with the Eastern Interconnection Planning Collaborative 

Regional Planning Series 

November 3, 8, and 17, 2016

EIPC-EISPC Webinar on Regional Planning Processes: FRCC, SCRTP, SERTP, SPP

EIPC-EISPC Webinar on Regional Planing Processes: ISONO, MISO, NYISO, PJM RTEP

EIPC-EISPC Webinar on Interregional Planning Processes: MISO-PJM, MISO-SPP, Northeast, SERTP-SCRTP-SPP-FL-PJM-MISO

Please find all presentations and recordings on the Stakeholder Activities section of the EIPConline.com website


“Blurred Lines”: Changing Federal / State Jurisdiction

National Council on Electricity Policy Meeting

April 25-26, 2016 | Washington D.C. 

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View April 26 Webinar Recording

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Topics included:

  •          Eastern Interconnection States Planning Council (EISPC) activities
  •          Transmission projects like the Plains & Eastern Clean Line Transmission Line
  •          Changes in federal leasing policy affecting coal mining on federal lands
  •          Demand response and the implications of EPSA v FERC
  •          The Clean Power Plan, post-stay
  •          Responding to national-level energy emergencies with mutual assistance

Essential EISPC work was conducted and we mapped out what technical assistance support from labs, academia, and others will help us deal with changes in jurisdiction.

Dupont Circle Hotel, Washington DC, 12 pm Eastern on April 25 until 3 pm Eastern on April 26th.

Need more information?  Please contact Kerry Worthington, NCEP Senior Manager.