Thursday, February 25, 2021

3:00 to 4:30 PM Eastern

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NCEP is pleased to offer a stand-alone webinar version of one of the most popular sessions from our December 2020 Annual Meeting on Evolving Compensation and Market Mechanisms. Moderator Tanya McCloskey (Pennsylvania Office of the Consumer Advocate) will facilitate presentations and discussion among panelists Hon. Abigail Anthony (Rhode Island Public Utility Commission), Julie Michals (E4TheFuture), and Snuller Price (E3).

Exploring Optimization through Benefit-Cost Analysis
How can modern cost-benefit analysis, valuation approaches, and cost recovery plans be used to compare and optimize between bulk power system solutions and distribution system solutions? This webinar will explore the latest trends in comparing and optimizing between the bulk power system and distributed system solutions. For a utility regulator, a benefit-cost analysis (BCA) is essential information before investing in any solution. BCAs were developed before DERs were impacting the system. Speakers will explore the status of BCAs and new developments for consideration.

Tanya McCloskey, Pennsylvania Office of the Consumer Advocate

Hon. Abigail Anthony, Rhode Island Public Utility Commission
Julie Michals, E4TheFuture
Snuller Price, E3

Audience members will be able to participate by video and audio throughout and we will be in “gallery view” for Q&A.