Annual Meeting 2020

Evolving Compensation and Market Mechanisms

December 7–9, 2020 (Virtual)

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 Meeting & Workshop Scope

In 2020, NCEP will explore the age-old utility question of “who pays?” with a new twist from grid modernization: “how?” The modern grid will allow for the exchange of more granular information on electricity use and supply across the distribution and transmission systems. State electricity policy decision-makers will explore:

  • What is a state’s role in maintaining a well-managed, efficient electricity system, now with rapidly changing requirements and many more participants?
  • How is value acknowledged and compensated among sellers, operators, and buyers? What risks are shared with customers?
  • How can modern cost-benefit analysis, valuation approaches, and cost recovery plans be used to compare and optimize between bulk power system solutions and distribution system solutions?
  • What capabilities exist and are needed for potential distribution-system level markets, and TSO & DSO coordination?

Session concepts include:

  • Operational considerations for distribution-level markets
  • Exploring optimization through benefit-cost analysis
  • A future with customer-level markets
  • Intersections of regional markets and state policies
  • Balancing Grid Alternatives