The National Council on Electricity Policy Executive Committee is excited to announce the scope of the 2020 Annual Meeting and invite state members and stakeholders to submit abstracts for consideration. In early December at the NCEP Annual Meeting and Workshop, we will explore Evolving Compensation and Market Mechanisms related to our multi-year transmission and distribution system interface theme. To offer an idea or session proposal, please complete the NCEP Annual Meeting 2020 Abstract Proposal Submission Form by Friday, May 15, 2020. More information is available in the announcement below (or view the PDF here).


Announcing the Annual Meeting Scope and Call for Abstracts

 Annual Meeting & Workshop 2020

Week of December 7, 2020

Location TBD

 Evolving Compensation and Market Mechanisms


In 2020, NCEP will explore the age-old utility question of “who pays?” with a new twist from grid modernization: “how?” The modern grid will allow for the exchange of more granular information on electricity use and supply across the distribution and transmission systems. State electricity policy decision-makers will explore:

–         What is a state’s role in maintaining a well-managed, efficient electricity system, now with rapidly changing requirements and many more participants?

–         How is value acknowledged and compensated among sellers, operators, and buyers? What risks are shared with customers?

–          How can modern cost-benefit analysis, valuation approaches, and cost recovery plans be used to compare and optimize between bulk power system solutions and distribution system solutions?

–          What capabilities exist and are needed for potential distribution-system level markets, and TSO & DSO coordination?


Call for Abstracts

NCEP is looking for expert discussion throughout the program, coupled with state-led examples and case studies. If you have research, resources or an example/case study that is ripe for sharing, please fill out the NCEP Annual Meeting 2020 Abstract Proposal Submission Form. Submissions will be accepted through Friday, May 15, 2020.


Background on Multi-Year Theme: T&D Interface

At the 2018 Annual Meeting and Workshop in Denver, CO, the National Council on Electricity Policy (NCEP) gathered state decision-makers and stakeholders to discuss the state of interfaces between distribution and transmission systems in light of increasing installation of distributed energy resources. In 2019, in Austin, TX, NCEP further explored this topic by focusing on transmission, distribution, and customer (TDC) system operational needs and their influence on planning and markets. The NCEP T&D Resource Catalog documents examples and resources from both workshops to support state electricity system decision-makers in learning from experts and one another. The 2020 workshop will expand these discussions and resources.


Multi-Year Objectives

·         Discuss state, utility, RTO, and DER experiences coordinating planning, operations, and markets across TDC interfaces of the electricity system;

·         Examine ideas around the needs of a coordinated system and how states play a role in developing a future-proofed system;

·         Hear insights and lessons learned from experts, state regulators, energy directors, utility managers, technologists, legislators, consumer advocates, and other stakeholders.