Jeannette ‘Jan’ Brinch, director of the National Council on Electricity Policy (NCEP) and energy contractor for NARUC, passed away on September 3, after fighting mesothelioma cancer for years.

NARUC Executive Director Greg White said: “While Jan wasn’t technically a NARUC employee, she certainly felt like one. She will be missed by all of us here at NARUC.”

Jan worked closely with NARUC’s Center for Partnerships and Innovation, previously known as the NARUC Research Lab. She was initially hired as an energy contractor to manage a grant from the Department of Energy called the EISPC grant. She went on to become the director of NCEP when it was repurposed and renamed.

Miles Keogh, former director of NARUC’s Research Lab, who worked closely with Jan, said: “I really loved working with Jan and I was incredibly lucky to have her as a friend, confidant, and guide in my life. She was gentle and generous with her kindness but quick to chastise unkindness; she was hyper-competent, and never made excuses, even when she was balancing complicated policy work with her long, brave race against cancer. She was whip smart and always met people where they were, but she never let anyone get away with lazy thinking. She truly delighted in living in the present moment. Anyone who worked on EISPC or on NCEP will remember Jan as a wonderfully gifted facilitator, leader, mischief maker, and listener. I miss her already.”

Kerry Worthington, Senior Manager, NARUC Center for Partnerships and Innovation, said: “Jan and I had a fantastic working relationship. She’s energetic and collaborative, so it was enjoyable to brainstorm with her and find the right path for our projects. I think we both admired that, although we may be in different generations, there was always mutual respect and understanding. I will miss working with her.”

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