On Tuesday, February 20, 2018, the NASEO Fuels & Grid Integration Committee hosted a Conference Call on State Energy Offices and Public Utility Staff Relationships and Cooperative Actions. The call discussed how to create a relationship between State Energy Offices and Public Utility Commission Staff and opportunities to work on issues and concerns of mutual interest. The Conference Call featured presentations by:

  • John Chatburn, Administrator, Idaho Office of Energy Resources and Randy Lobb, Utilities Division Administrator, Idaho Public Utilities Commission
  • Lauren Savidge, Staff Attorney, Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and Vicki Hackett, Director of Adjudications, Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority
  • Jan Brinch, Director, National Council on Electricity Policy, NARUC, and Kerry Worthington, NARUC
More information can be found on the NASEO Fuels and Grid Integration Committee webpage. For additional information, please contact Stephen Goss, NASEO Program Manager.

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