The National Council on Electricity Policy held its annual business meeting on May 12th via webcast. Over eighty NCEP members and friends participated on-line, representing energy and air regulators and staff, state legislators, state energy office officials, consumer advocates, trade associations, both private and public utilities, federal government agencies, businesses, national research laboratories, universities, and non-profits.

We discussed the Council’s direction for 2017-2018, provided updates on the Council’s recent activities, including federal-state jurisdictional issues, development of a valuation framework for assessing electricity resources, and updates to the Energy Zones Mapping Tool and activities of the Eastern Interconnection Planning Collaborative.

Two panel discussions covered “Siting on Brownfields and Other Existing Infrastructure Sites for G&T Flexibility” and “Collaborative Strategies that Support Reliability, Resiliency, and Recovery for Cyber and Infrastructure Energy Assurance.” The first panel explored the ability to use siting of energy facilities on brownfields as a way to reduce public process conflicts and as a process for introducing resources that bring greater flexibility to the grid. The second panel explored the latest issues facing states in resilience and cybersecurity. Presentations from the two panels are available here.

This next year’s National Council strategic direction will address siting. We will focus on the many new, distributed and renewable resources that are being integrated onto the grid across the system, the increasing resiliency issues that result, potential impacts on the local environment, the manner in which resource diversity is being affected, how the system is evolving and what that means for future resource availability and diversity.

Siting is a “cross sector” and “cross-issue” topic, and as such, we will work on siting issues through continuing support for our five work areas. Learn more about these work areas here.

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